Another style of wildlife photography

I recently photographed the child of a friend, a lovely little boy called Louis. It occurred to me that there are many similarities in photographing wildlife and children. Neither stand still for more than a moment, and both are constantly trying to run out of your frame.

It was another test for my new Canon 1DX bodies before I use them in the field, next week I leave for Kenya.  I have spent a lot of time studying the 1DX new auto focus drive modes & tracking options, in order to use the 61 point auto focus system to its best capabilities.

I will report back on my return as to how it performed.



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Wildlife Heritage Foundation visit.

I have recently, finally taken delivery of my new Canon 1DX bodies from Fixation. Feeling the need to test these,  I took myself off to visit my friends at Wildlife Heritage Foundation – W H F is a UK based charity working hard to ensure that the big cat species of the world are protected from extinction. Based in Kent UK they are an active partner in the European Endangered Species Breeding Programmes (EEP), as well as setting up education programmes for the people that share the habitats of these wonderful cats. The WHF is also raising awareness and funding for big cat projects around the world.

Amur Leopard @ Wildlife Heritage Foundation
Click on the Amur Leopard above to view a gallery of the days images.

White Lion @ WIldlife Heritage Foundation

White Lion @ WIldlife Heritage Foundation
Click on the white Lion above to go to the WHF website.

Wildlife Heritage Foundation also has a sister wildlife park based at Broxbourne in Hertfordshire

Paradise Wildlife Park – Has a huge collection of over 400 animals,  between Paradise Wildlife Park and Wildlife Heritage Foundation, they hold the best selection of big cats in the country. Cats include, Tourney and White Lions, Tigers and White Tigers, Snow Leopards, Leopards and Cheetah. They also have penguins, meerkats, monkeys, gibbons, lemurs, zebras, tapirs, wolves, wallabies, reptiles, birds and much more!

White Tiger @ Paradise Wildlife Park
Click on the image above to visit the PWP website.